I often get asked for more information about myself and more pictures. I thought opening a blog where all those interested could check out pictures, get updated on my available hours and learn a bit about me, might be a help.

Please hit on the tabs above to see more photos of me.

So please, check back often! I will update it regularly with work hours and any new photos of myself i get.

Hugs and Kisses!


Saturday, March 14, 2015


Please remember this blog will be shutting down in less than two weeks. Please bookmark my new blog so you can find it easily for future reference.


There are a couple of new pics from today on the new blog :)

Hugs and kisses!

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Blog and new Photos

Hi! As blogger is shutting down all the adult content blogs on March 27th, I've had to make a new blog:


New Private Dancer Blog

I'm still in the process on getting it together.

Please bookmark the new blog for future reference.

Thank you!!!

This photo was taken today, March 2, 2015. You can see more new photos on my new blog (link is above)

March Schedule

Mon, March 2: Booked up
Tuesday, March 3: 10am or 2-6pm
Wednesday, March 4: 10am- 6pm
Thursday, March 5: 10am- 6pm
Friday, March 6: 10am- 6pm
Saturday, March 7: Booked up
Sunday, March 8: Booked up

Mon, March 9: 10am-6pm
Tuesday, March 10: Booked up
Wednesday, March 11: 10am- 6pm
Thursday, March 12: 10am-1pm
Friday, March 13: 10am- 6pm
Saturday, March 14: Booked up
Sunday, March 15: 10am- 3pm

Mon, March 16: 10am- 6pm
Tuesday, March 17: 10am-6pm
Wednesday, March 18: 10am-6pm
Thursday, March 19: 10am-6pm
Friday, March 20: 10am-6pm
Saturday, March 21: NOT AVAILABLE
Sunday, March 22: NOT AVAILABLE

Mon, March 23: 10am- 6pm
Tuesday, March 24: 10am-6pm
Wednesday, March 25: 10am- 6pm
Thursday, March 26: 10am- 6pm
Friday, March 27: 10am- 6pm
Saturday, March 28: 10am- 6pm
Sunday, March 29: 10am- 6pm

Monday, March 30: 10am- 6pm
Tuesday, March 31 : 10am- 6pm

Please remember that I only do two dances a day, so tend to book up quickly. Additionally, morning dances have to be set up in advance (at least the night before)

Hugs and kisses!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Missing Dog

I saw this on Kijiji and Facebook and thought that many of the great fellas who come and see me are from this area. Please keep your eye out for this sweet dog. I know if it was my dog I would appreciate any help I could get.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blogger Shutting Down Adult Blogs

I received an email yesterday from Blogger; they are shutting down all adult blogs.

Well, that sucks. :(

This blog will magically disappear on March 27th.

I am already looking for a new blog site that allows adult content and will have it up and going in just a couple of days. I will put the new blog link here and include it with all emails as soon as I have it ready to go.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Hugs!

Friday, January 30, 2015

February Schedule

Hi!, I hope you all had a fantastic January! Mine was good, but I'm glad it's over,we are one month closer to spring now!

Here is my Feb schedule. I will update as the month goes on :)

Sunday, Feb 1: 10am -6pm
Mon, Feb 2: 10am-11am / 3-5pm
Tuesday, Feb. 3: Booked up
Wednesday, Feb. 4: Booked up
Thursday, Feb.5:  Booked up
Friday, Feb. 6:  Booked up
Saturday, Feb 7: Booked up
Sunday, Feb: 8: Booked up

Mon, Feb 9: Booked up
Tuesday, Feb. 10: 10am-6pm
Wednesday, Feb. 11: 10am-11:30am and 2:30-6pm
Thursday, Feb.12: 10am-6pm
Friday, Feb. 13: 10am or 10:30am and 3:30pm-5pm
Saturday, Feb 14: 10am-6pm
Sunday, Feb: 15: Booked up

Mon, Feb 16: Booked up
Tuesday, Feb. 17: 10am-6pm
Wednesday, Feb.18: 10am-6pm
Thursday, Feb.19: 10am-6pm
Friday, Feb. 20: 10am-6pm
Saturday, Feb 21: Booked up
Sunday, Feb: 22: 11am - 6pm

Mon, Feb 23: Booked up
Tuesday, Feb. 24: 10am-6pm
Wednesday, Feb.25: Booked up
Thursday, Feb.26: 10am-1pm
Friday, Feb. 27: 10am-11am and 3-6pm
Saturday, Feb 28: 1pm-6pm
March 1: 10am-6pm

Please remember that I only do two dances a day, so tend to book up quickly. Additionally, morning dances have to be set up in advance (at least the night before)

Hugs and kisses!